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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Brown/ Green Bird Sling

My sister and I laugh at the line from Zoolander, where Mugatu is being interviewed and says,
"Hansel. He's so hot right now. Hansel."
We share the same strange sense of humor.

So when the little birds started popping up everywhere in the crafting world, I told her,
"Birds. They're so hot right now. Birds."
I have nothing against the crafty birds. I think they are adorable, and if my crafting scope were more broad, I would try to make an amigurumi bird or some such adorable thing. It is just entertaining that they are everywhere.

So.... I was able to make a trip to my favorite whimsical, wonderful fabric store with the amazing staff (especially Suzanne, to whom I am incredibly grateful for the special gift). I hemmed and hawed at the splendid selection of fabric, knowing I should pick only enough for a single sling. Finally, I asked for advice and was shown this fun line. It was perfect for my friend V, who, after 7 years, is about to have her third boy. She has sent much business my way, and I adore her for many other reasons, so I wanted this sling to be as perfect as could be. And it is a bird theme! I love the fabric and I can't wait to meet her baby boy.


Suzanne@Notesfromthepatch said...

It turned out great and the green accent fabric you found is perfect. Hope V loves it!

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Suzanne! Thanks for the inspiration.


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