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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Homeschool Preschool- Week 3- Letter "C"

Good morning! It has taken me a few days to post about preschool. Yesterday was a bit hectic. We started BSF last week, so Wednesday mornings are taken. And I got to get my hair done yesterday afternoon! My sister-in-law and I are swapping babysitting so we can go feel beautiful for a few hours...

Here we go:

Sept. 22, 2009- Week 3

Circle Time:
How Courtney still has so much energy and patience in the last few weeks of her pregnancy, I will never know...
"Good Morning Song"
Weather Discussion...still sunny :(
Counting 1-30 using calendar
"Days of the Week" Song
(sung to "Addam's Family theme song".. Ask me, I'll sing it for you.)
"ABC" Song
Flag Salute
Letter "C" intro, with children practicing tracing the letter "C"
"C" Alphatales story and cheer
Activity: sorting flashcards with "A", B", or "C" words into piles.

Color Recap- Red, Blue
Yellow introduction
Activity: Sun pictures. Krista cut out yellow circles and and an abundance of yellow triangles. Each child and mommy glued one yellow circle and seven yellow triangles onto a piece of paper. Most preschoolers were able to paste the shapes on after the mommies put glue dots on the paper for them. Fun!

Recess! 10 minutes of outdoor play time.

Each child was handed an instrument and marched back to the play room, singing "Jesus Loves Me". Rhythm Rule: You get what you get, and next week, you will get a chance to have a different instrument.

Language Arts:
"C" for camel. I used the A Beka giant flash card to talk about camels. We talked about how God made camels. We pretended to be camels, and learned a lesson about not being "grumpy" like camels, but to "serve the Lord with gladness" (Ps. 100:4). The children were given a "C/ Camel" handout to take home.

Snack/ Bible Time:
ABC Bible Curriculum Verse: "Children, obey your parents in the Lord" -Col. 3:20. Laura has folders for all of the children to put their weekly coloring pages in. She played "Simon Says" with the phrase "Mommy Says" to demonstrate obedience to the children.

Math Time:
Laura had each child match and glue a circle, triangle, and square onto a paper with each shape outline on it. Then, she passed out a worksheet where the children had to circle any picture that included a triangle.

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