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Monday, October 19, 2009


My crafty friend Holly let me borrow her copy of this pattern from Sew Liberated. One day I was visiting Holly and she made us lunch. She wore an adorable apron the whole time- it looked like a dress. She said it makes her feel prettier when she is going about her domestic duties, and I must agree! She was gracious enough to lend me the pattern for awhile, and here's how mine turned out.
I love the pattern because it is reversible! Two aprons in one.
Of course, I got my fabric from Strawberry Patches. My favorite is the purple with green ties. Holly modified the pattern a bit so that the waistband is double the width that the original pattern calls for. We both feel as though this is a touch more flattering. I neglected to put lightweight interface in the pink apron, so the waistband is a little flimsier, but I remembered to put it in the purple one. The structure of the apron is a bit more sound.


Jen said...

Jenny, these are adorable! Do you sell them?

Jennifer Gray said...

How funny - I just came across Sew Liberated myself tonight before heading over to your blog.
These aprons are beautiful. Are you getting the book? Is it available yet?

Jana said...

oh my gosh, how cute are these?!! the purple one is my fave, too! love.it. i might just enjoy cooking if i had one of these aprons, myself! great job, jen!

Kathryn said...

totally ordering it after i leave this comment! great christmas gift for the domestic divas i know!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the feedback, girls! I would love to make them for everyone, but they are pretty expensive to make and take awhile. Good luck sewing them, though!


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