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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Bushel Full of Apples

Last Friday, we took our annual trip to Tehachapi to pick apples. There is no describing the taste of a just-picked apple. No wax, no additives- pure bliss! I believe I ate about three while picking. (They do run a bit smaller than your average supermarket GMO apple). Our usual farm was closed already for the season, so we went to a smaller, family-run orchard. We picked Rome, Golden Delicious, and Red Delicious apples. We got to see apples being freshly pressed into cider.

The kids were a bit wary at first, but quickly began to load handfuls of apples into our bucket. They dutifully posed for Mommy.
Rebecca's favorite apples were the Golden Delicious, just like me.
We stopped by another orchard to buy freshly pressed cider (less expensive here) and eat our picnic lunch. We were able to sip on small samples of the cider while we picnicked.
Jackson got ahold of my camera, so here it is, ladies and gentlemen: my official "I'm six months pregnant" shot. Lovely. Thank you, son.
We finished off our day with treats from an authentic German bakery.
And this is the picture that generally captures how we all feel after a fun day's work.


Suzanne said...

So cute - all three, er four of you! I used to pick apple with my kids. My eyes were always bigger than my energy to can what I picked. Made lots of applesauce and apple butter for the pantry. So fun! Thanks for the memories.

Jennifer said...

Mmm. Apple Butter! I would like to try that this year. I'll be in soon to ask your advice.


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