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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Creepy Crawlies

Long ago

And not so very long ago

A sweet, handsome husband was driving home from the beach after passing an important test. It was spring, and he happened upon a breathtaking mountainside laden with freshly sprouted poppies. Remembering that it is against the law to pick the state flower, but so full of both love for his wife and relief at passing his test, he swiftly hopped the barbed-wire fence and ran through the fields, gathering handfuls of lovely orange flowers.

Upon his return, he presented the wildflowers to his young wife with a big smile and a passionate kiss. She melted. She put the flowers in water and looked at them each day until they died. Then she dried a small handful and saved it for years. The two of them cannot drive through a field of poppies on a clear spring day without remembering the Poppy Story.

The husband and wife grew a bit older. They had two children and were incubating a third. The husband had to drive to the same beach, now for his business. On the way home, he found something that he wanted to bring to his wife. So he scooped it up in a styrofoam lunch container and text messaged his wife:

Get that giant glass bowl that we used as a house for the huge moth. I'll be home soon.

The wife was happy that her husband still thought of her often throughout his day, as she did the same. She opened her cooking cabinets and reached in for her biggest glass mixing bowl. Hmm, she wondered. What lovely piece of nature could he be bringing to her?

Right as dinner was ready to be taken out of the oven, her handsome prince returned home. He held that styrofoam container in his hand. He called the children to come near. The family gathered around and peered in as their Daddy slowly opened the box. Flowers? Pinecones? Acorns? Maybe even a lizard?

It is gone now.

I do love you, though, husband.


jillwisester said...

Hilarious. Russell says, "That's so Beau. Or either of us." : )

Jennifer said...

It is times like this when we miss you guys the most. :)

Jana said...

holy stinking cow!!! yikes!!! i bet he was the kids' hero! LOL. um, way to go, beau?! ;)

Swimwife said...

I love having such a witty sister in law!! you are so funny!


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