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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Homeschool Preschool- Week 6- Letter "G"

We have temporarily moved to our house while Courtney gets ready to have the baby. We miss her but can't wait to meet Blake!

Circle Time:
"Good Morning"
"Days of the Week"
"ABC Song"
Today was the letter "G", so I got out my guitar and picked along to the ABC Song. Luckily, it is a very short song.
We talked about the most important thing ever that starts with "G"- God. We talked about the first three questions and answers to the Westminster Children's Catechism:

1. Who made you?

2. What else did God make?
God made all things

3. Why did God make all things?
For his glory.

Then we sung a song from the CD, "Why Can't I See God?", which follows the catechism:
"How can I glorify God? For I must glorify God. And I can glorify God By loving Him and keeping His commands".

Then we passed out Gumballs for the children as they sung along to the song. We incorporated Rhythm into this time as we were singing a lot and I thought the instruments would hold their attention longer.

Krista brought coloring pages with a big blank pumpkin outline. She and her husband had cut out eyes, noses, and mouths and she gave the kids glue to attach the faces of the pumpkins. Each child picked out their own cut-outs, so we had a fun hodgepodge of mismatched eyes and upside-down smiley faces. Then the kids colored their pumpkins!

Laura brought stickers for the children and had them recite their John 3:16 memory verse. Then we learned our verse for "G"-"God is our refuge and our strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble".- Ps. 46:1. She had the kids sing three of their Bible songs and then we were back to the table for snack.

Laura prepared a fun game for the kids- each got a packet of cards printed with numbers 0-5 and a corresponding number of animal pictures. The kids recognized and counted the numbers, Laura talked about the concept of the number "0", and then she had the kids roll a big dice (die?) and hold up the card of the number that was rolled.

I skipped my lesson on "Games" and just let the kids do free play outside because it was such a neat, brisk, windy morning.

Before dismissing them from the patio to play, our own Dr. Laura did a demonstration of how germs spread and why we should diligently wash our hands. She hid s small handful of talcum power in her fist and then pretended to sneeze. The powder blew everywhere, and the kids got to see how germs can do the same. It was fun!

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