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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Little Feet Repeats

Twice a year, in the spring and fall, a giant consignment sale is held. It is called Little Feet Repeats and it is put on by a stay-at-home mom of three. This is no garage sale (though I love garage sales!). It is a huge, well-organized, well-stocked, well-attended, deal-finding extravaganza. I have been attending and consigning for three years now, and I have seen it grow and evolve each season. I rely on LFR to find the kids' play clothes, church clothes, and some toys. There are strollers, cribs, big-ticket toys, bouncers, breast-and-bottle feeding supplies, etc. There are plenty of clothes to be found, and every item has to be free of stains and holes and excessive wear.I usually make about $100 per sale on things I consign. I also end up spending about that amount before I even get my check... The best part of being a consignor is the perk of one's presale pass. Each consignor is allowed to shop the day before the public sale begins.
So I went yesterday with the children. And an arsenal of popcorn and milk. We almost made it the whole time before melting down. In the long run, it was probably a blessing because it saved money to cut our time short! I spent $78.00 and got for Rebecca: two pairs of pajamas, six entire winter outfits, and two sweaters. The average price for an outfit was $4.50. Jackson got a red sweater and a designer off-white sweater vest. I also got a game called "Elefun" for $8.00. I have had my eye on this game ever since we played it in our preschool co-op last year. But it is $25.00 at Target. I got a dual-microphone cassette player for $8.00 as well, which I could find on Ebay for no less that $30.00. And I got a night and day bottle warmer for $8.00. That one retails for $29.99. Deal-shopping is a fun adrenaline rush for this mommy! The sale is open to the public today and runs through Saturday (which, incidently, is 50% off day). Have fun!


Brandy Afterthoughts said...

No way! I am SO doing this next year!

How much does she pay you when you are a consignor? I mean average per outfit...I know there'd be some variation.

Thanks for the recipe, by the way. I'm totally make that next week.

Jennifer said...

Hi Brandy! You receive between 60-70% of the item's sale price. You also pay an $8 consignor fee to list your items. It is the most profitable way I have found to resell childrens' items, mostly because everyone who comes in is looking to walk away with something!


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