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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Heffalump Hunt

This morning, we found some strange tracks in the backyard.
Something told us that they were Heffalump tracks!

So we got our Heffalump Hunting gear on- goggles and nets.

We found some Heffalump droppings. We decided to test them. They looked like chocolate, and smelled like chocolate, so we figured they were safe to taste. Yup, chocolate! We do know that we would never ever eat non-pretend droppings, though.

We couldn't find that sneaky Heffalump, but he did leave us a little something. Dollar-store toys in special bags! What a kind Heffalump.

We checked the tracks an hour later, and they were still there. We will be vigilant to track that Heffalump. We are certain that one day, we will find him.

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Anonymous said...

that is really a cute idea


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