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Monday, December 28, 2009

Pictures from the Season

I will take the risk of bombarding you with pictures from the last few weeks. Thanks for coming along for the ride :) On December 20th, our church had our annual Christmas service with breakfast from Hodel's after service. The kids wore their Christmas outfits and stayed clean for almost two full hours!
Later that night, we headed over to Beau's brother's home for Christmas with all of the cousins. My sister-in-law made a fantastic Chicken a la King for dinner, and then we all opened presents.
The kids opted for pizza over chicken.
Rebecca received a baby doll that evening, and the next morning, she entertained herself by bathing that baby for almost an hour while I cleaned the house.
We spent Christmas morning with Jessie, opening presents, making cinnamon rolls and bacon and eggs and orange juice...the best part of our Christmas tradition, says the pregnant lady.
I love that Beau and Jessie have the same look on their faces in these pictures...Really? For me?
Beau finally got an iPhone. The two of them have been inseparable ever since they met. I am a bit jealous.
Check out what my dear sister got for the children. A giant gumball machine. Awesome.
We celebrated the birth of our Savior with dinner, joined by my mom and dad and our friends, the Carpenters.

Rebecca got a baby playset....after setting up the pack n play, she settled inside and said, "Look! I fit!"

Saturday, we spent some time with our cousins. We braved the cold and dark afternoon to play outside. The children have to get their wiggles out, after all!
Reese and Jackson found a boogie board and invented concrete-boarding.
They got Daddy/Uncle Beau in on the action.
It was a fun way to spend an hour.

And after, Rebecca warmed back up inside her favorite new toy.

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