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Monday, December 28, 2009


It's not often that I am moved by a gift. I love getting gifts. I love surprises. I love to look at a wrapped gift, imagine what may be waiting beneath the veil, slowly take out the tissue paper, feel the weight of what is inside, and finally unwrap it.

The last time I cried after receiving a gift was my 26th birthday. Beau had arranged for my sister and my parents to meet the two of us for dessert at a favorite restaurant. My sister babysat the kids while Beau and I had dinner, she dressed the kids, loaded them up in the car, and drove them to the restaurant. Then, she handed me a gift.

I opened it. It was a Roomba Scooba. My eyes welled up and my throat constricted. I felt silly sitting there, holding a floor-washing-device in the middle of a restaurant, ready to cry. But it wasn't the Roomba Scooba per se; it was the knowledge that my sister had listened to my random rambling one day. She sacrificed a good bit of her money to buy the thing. She had taken care of my children for me. I was so very grateful for her at that moment.

I felt that way again tonight. We were able to share dinner with a dear family. They have become solid friends of ours, and we are so grateful for them. Their eldest son is planning his wedding with a precious gem of a girl, and we shared stories and laughter tonight over dinner. And then I got this gift. I almost started crying. For a candle? It wasn't just the candle...it was the fact that my two girlfriends, mother and daughter, equally dear to me, scoured Goodwill for a perfectly special teacup ( I love tea) and then handmade and hand-poured a purple (I love purple) candle (I love candles) into that teacup. The particular spot in time was so sweet to me. And though I try to keep excessive sentimentality far from me, I don't mind sharing these thoughts with you. I am sure there are moments in your life that have affected you the same way.


Suzanne said...

What a sweet and thoughtful gift! I know what you mean about the sentimentality of a gift. Just catches you off guard sometimes. Bill got the most wonderful Shutterfly book from our youngest son for Christmas and I was bawling as I read it over his shoulder. So sweet of our son to select the perfect photos and write captions with his busy life. Being Preggers doesn't help the emotions either does it.

Jennifer said...

That sounds like a lovely gift, Suzanne! Your grandchildren are darling : ) And you are right about being pregnant. I remember tearing up when you gave me my special gift earlier this year!


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