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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Look closely.

Care to venture a guess as to what this may be?

If you guessed Very Pregnant Feet, you win the prize! I looked down at my carpet after valiantly working through my Jillian Michaels video this morning and I caught a glimpse of these poor swollen feet marks.

The last days of pregnancy are upon us. At least I would like to think so. My baby ticker tells me that I have 24 days to go. I believe I can handle that! Swollen feet and all...

If you ever been Pregnant, or lived with someone who was Pregnant, you can sympathize with a few of the things that have happened around here recently.

Like yesterday morning, when I brewed an entire pot of coffee-
with no coffee beans. Oops.

Like the vivid dream I had that someone was sneaking around our backyard, trying to break into the house. So I woke Beau up from his peaceful slumber and demanded that he go scope out the situation in the backyard. It turned out to be the evil villainous Rain. Oops. I'm pretty sure the poor guy fell back asleep about an hour and a half later. I can attest to this as I was also wide awake most of the night.

But truly, the end is near. I found out yesterday that my beloved OB will be out of the state until January 31. My due date is Feb. 6, so all gleaming hope of going into labor two weeks early and delivering a perfectly healthy 8 pound baby have been stripped away. Living in reality is probably a good thing.

By the way, if you guessed correctly about the picture, here is your prize:

We have reason to believe that Chik Fil A is giving away free chicken sandwiches at lunch time today, one per customer, even if that customer is two years old.

We went last Wednesday, received a free sandwich, and overheard an employee telling a patron that this fun promotion would happen each Wednesday in January.

But I am pregnant and occasionally get my facts mixed up, so do try to confirm before packing up your whole family and heading down there.


Kathryn said...

awesome about chick fil a! i'm around the corner from them and its such a beautiful, i may just put nathan in the stroller and go for a walk.

Kathryn said...

LOL. i'm such a nerd. i just CALLED chick fil a, and yes, it's true! until 10pm tonight. thanks for sharing the news because i had no clue what to cook for dinner!

Jennifer said...

yippee, Kathryn! Yup, we went to lunch there after Bible Study- 3 moms and 9 kids! We all got free sandwiches= every Wed. in January. That place is awesome!


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