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Sunday, January 3, 2010

For Baby

Here are a few of the baby projects I've gotten to work on during Christmas "break". Ha ha. My parents were both in education throughout my entire childhood, so I honestly believed that every family got to spend two entire weeks together at Christmas, and three months on vacation together each summer. Here's to childhood naivete!

The quilt matches the baby bedding and I do believe it is my favorite one so far...I love the brown and green together.
This is my first pouch sling. The design has intimidated me in years past, but I found this inspiring fabric at Strawberry Patches and had to attempt the pouch. I found many tutorials on the web and stumbled through my project with minimal problems! I would be happy to practice again if anyone is interested in getting one.
My very own ring sling is made from another gorgeous print, courtesy of Strawberry Patches. Have I mentioned how much I adore that place?
I made an extra-long nursing cover in a girly print, just for me! I added the ruffles for the first time on this one and I love the effect. It's quite feminine and fun. I am almost excited about nursing...almost. Instead of sewing the neck piece into the nursing cover, my MO has been to use suspender clips and fabric-covered elastic to make a detachable nursing clip. In theory, the nursing cover can then be used as a blanket, play mat, etc., and should be easier to wash. The idea has gotten good feedback, so I decided to do it for myself. I hope I like it. : )
And here is the infant carseat canopy. I used the rest of my quilting squares. Underneath is my attempt at a carseat cover. I am still working on the design. Every pattern I found online was between $12-$15 and seemed a little excessive, so I deconstructed my carseat's cover. If I can figure it out, hopefully I can develop a workable, less expensive pattern to offer up! Exciting.


Brandy Afterthoughts said...

Jennifer, these are just beautiful! And I love, love, love the quilt. I am always amazed by you, my friend!

Jana said...

oooh to have your craftiness and sewing skills!!! these are beautiful! i bought some fabric recently to make a rag quilt for baby girl . . they say they're supposed to be "easy" - i'll let you know how it turns out! lol. let me know if you come up w/ a good car seat cover! i'd love to cover our orange car seat from micah to make it a little more girly :)

Jennifer said...

Fun, Jana! I can't wait to see a picture. I like raggy quilts because mistakes are easy to conceal : ) Let me know if you need help with anything.

Thanks, sweet Brandy! I wish I had your organizational skills and accessible intellect : )

Suzanne said...

Boy have you been busy! Great work! I have always thought the best ideas come from mommys who know what works. Thanks for sharing!


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