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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Insect Lore

If you get a chance, check out Insect Lore in Shafter. Our little preschool co-op had a fun adventure, learning about various insects.
Their showroom is brand-new. It is spotless and visually attractive, with different displays on the walls and around the room. We loved all of the see-through displays that showcased many different types of butterflies and beetles. Did you know there is such thing as the Golden Scarab Beetle? Its body is completely iridescent gold- amazing what the mind of the Lord can create!
There are hands-on displays as well, like this computer magnifying exhibit. The kids were able to move a magnifying scope over display insects, and each tiny detail of the insect's body was magnified on the computer screen so we could study its inticate detail.
Even the restrooms were clean and cute- like this ladybug door for the little girls' room...these kinds of things are quite important to a mommy of young ones!
It was 42 degrees outside and cloudy, but Rebecca wanted to wear her sunglasses throughout our field trip...
Visiting the museum is free! Did I mention that? However, the periphery of the room is filled with exhibits, while the main part of the room is filled with all sorts of shiny and magical scientific things to buy....we ended up purchasing a ladybug farm. The best part was that we were able to take home the larvae that very day, instead of having to mail away for them.
We will keep you updated on how our ladybugs grow

....and grow

....and grow.


Brandy Afterthoughts said...

Oh, fun! I think we are heading out there on Friday, if I can kick this cold by then. I noticed how much they had fixed it up when I went out to my grandma's for Christmas. It looks great from the outside, and I'm glad to hear it looks just as great from the inside.

We were given a butterfly farm for Christmas. I'll have to bring my card and cash it in while we're there.

Post photos of your ladybug babies! How cool!

Jennifer said...

Great, Brandy! Let me know if you plan another trip in the coming months...we could meet you out there!

David said...

A kid-friendly museum in Shafter?! Who would've thought, haha.
And Jen, just wanted to let you know that I subscribe to your blog...just to see awesome pictures and stories of your awesome kids, and to see how God continues his gracious work in your family.

Brandy Afterthoughts said...

They have a train museum, too.

And the Green Hotel!

I have fond memories of that place... ;)

Jen, I will definitely let you know. It'd be fun to do something like that together!

Kathryn said...

wow thanks for sharing this! i had no clue about this place. and FREE!! AWESOME! gotta start calling the playgroup people ;)


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