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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

If you live in Bakersfield, you can appreciate the humor of this picture. One mock California fireplace, running on expensive gas, putting out little heat. One pair of shoes attempting to dry themselves in front of said fireplace. It's just funny.

Our humble city gets, on average, 5 days of rain each year. "Drizzles", I would say.

But not this week. We have been the blessed recipients of three straight days of real rain, and the forecast predicts at least three more storms coming our way. These storms are such a primal treat...first come the swirling, gusty winds...then comes the driving rain that cleans the air...then comes the clear blue sky. We have had many opportunities in the past few days to thank the Lord for a warm, dry home and food on our table. This is not the kind of weather one would like to be braving alone outside.

If illness were to creep into my home, I would choose this kind of weather to pass the time with. What do you know? We are in luck. Jackson picked up a nasty virus somewhere during the last few days. He has a high fever and a seemingly horrible headache. He also has been throwing up, the poor little guy. The first time it happened, Beau was holding him and they were on their way to Jackson's room. Beau ducked into the bathroom just a second too late for the first round. After the second round, I was heading towards the bathroom with towels, gloves, and bleach. I heard Beau start laughing. He told me later that our three-year-old was standing there over the toilet, miserable, and whispered,

"Ooooh...I am having a very rough day..."

Poor little guy.

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Brandy Afterthoughts said...

Poor baby! I hope he feels better soon.

We here are climbing the walls. We are not accustomed to being locked inside all day. And our fireplace does not work properly. :( We miss Mr. Sun! On the bright side, our swimming lessons are bottomless, so I have a plan on how I will wear out my children tomorrow! ;)


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