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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Welcome, Baby Roman!

We had a bit of a surprise on Friday!

Roman Bradley Woodward

was given to us on January 29, 2010 at 8:11 p.m., weighing 6 pounds, 3 ounces. He is 19.7 inches long.

I had been having mild contractions throughout the night on Thursday, but nothing regular or exciting. Friday I woke up and had lost my mucous plug. With Rebecca, 7 hours after I lost my plug, she was here- so I was pretty sure the baby was coming soon.

However, the contractions stopped around 10 a.m. My girlfriend Krista brought me her birthing ball just in case, and I begged my husband to let me run some errands. He was apprehensive, knowing how fast Rebecca had come, but I assured him that the contractions had stopped and for heaven's sake, my due date was 8 days away, and surely the baby would not be so bold as to come before my baby shower, which was supposed to be Saturday at 11:30 a.m.(Here are the flowers and cookies from the cancelled shower that my dear sister-in-law brought to me in the hospital. Babies don't listen to rules).

So I ran some errands and came back home. While the children rode bikes around our street, I walked some laps. My contractions started back up again, and providentially, my husband's truck rolled down our street as the contractions increased in intensity and frequency. I was still in denial that this could possibly be real labor. Thankfully, Beau kept our walk confined to our street, because pretty soon, we decided we should call the hospital.

I went inside to shower and pack my bag and Beau called Jessie and my dad to come be with the kids. While packing and preparing, my water broke! That had never happened before, and I was quite thankful to be at home. Now we knew we had to go to the hospital. The reinforcements appeared, and Beau and I left for the hospital.

It was strange this time to be driving in broad daylight, chatting peacefully away. Jackson's birth brought us to the hospital at midnight. We raced to the hospital in a panic with Rebecca while I was in transition labor. This time, my contractions had stopped again and I was feeling a little silly that we were actually going to the hospital. But rules are- water breaks, go to the hospital. Plus, I tested positive for Group B Strep, so I was going to need two doses of antibiotics spaced four hours apart. So we went to Mercy Southwest.

We checked in around 2: 00 and the nurses took my history, making me sit the whole time.

The nurse asked me about pain medication.

"What is your acceptable level of pain?"

I shook my head stubbornly. "I don't want any medication, unless there is a big problem. No epidural, please. So I guess...level 10"?

The nurse looked at me. "Well, a '10' means you have passed out from pain, Jennifer."

"Let's say '9', then", I replied sheepishly.
I wanted to walk and move and restart my contractions, but I was not allowed to move until about 4 pm.

I got my antibiotics and then was given permission to pace the maternity ward. We probably made about 40 laps around the floor before I went into harder labor.

A sweet friend brought us magazines and coffee for Beau during our walking time, so I was able to read a sewing magazine while I got my second dose of antibiotics.

And if you've had a baby, you know the rest. The pain, as God promises, is intense- nearly overwhelming! My nurse let me stand up to labor, so I was able to lean over onto a raised bed. Beau is an amazing birth attendant, quite intuitive and a calming influence. He coached me through the rough contractions and let me squeeze the ever-lovin' heck out of his fingers as I passed through transition.

As we neared the end, I said I needed to push, and Beau told me that I had to wait one more contraction before they called the doctor. So we waited one more contraction, and I told the nurse I was going to push no matter what.

So I did. Twice.

And out came the baby.

And in came the doctor.

That makes two out of three times that the doctor has missed delivering my baby. When they are ready to arrive, they arrive quickly! But the nurses did a wonderful job and we had a healthy baby.

Then I got a reward. I had not been able to commit to a name for our son, so my husband took charge. He had me give him a list of names I liked. Then he wrote two names on a piece of paper and brought it with us to the hospital. He told me he would look at the baby and christen him with a name after he was born. After the delivery process was complete, I asked for his name and Beau looked at his list. Then he looked at the baby and gave him his name.

Roman Bradley Woodward.

I love it.

We got to go home the next day at three. We are very happy to be here. : )


Jill said...

Great story, Jennie! Roman just heard that we were coming to LA a week early, so he thought he'd do the same.

Love you so much! Congratulations!

Brandy Afterthoughts said...

Many, many congratulations, my friend! If someone is organizing meals for you, I'd love to be on that list. What a wonderful surprise. Good job, Mama!

Jackie said...

Your story made me cry. I so wish I had been there for Roman's birth and to help now! I miss you all and love you so much! Congratulations my wonderful sister and amazing brother! Please give my nephew a kiss for me.

amy miller said...

I found your blog through my sister a couple of months ago and with your baby coming soon, I have been checking everyday! Congratulations to you all- so excited to add the new little bundle to your blog=) Looking forward to hearing more from your life soon! Thanks for sharing- amy miller (sister is alyson tubbs, but I think she knows of you through friends from VAlley Baptist years ago)

Suzanne said...

Congratulations Woodward family! Can't wait to meet Roman!

KaraHaus said...

LOVE IT! What a great story!!! Looking forward to meeting baby Roman...what a strong, handsome name!

Kathryn said...

congratulations!! i love his name also :) and i love that you just had a baby and made sure you blogged about it asap ;) what a great story!

Jana said...

You guys look FABULOUS!! Tell Beau good pick on the name! Love. It. And I'm stoked that you didn't have to wait in anticipation, after your last post ;) God's timing, right? :) Congrats to ALL of you! Roman's a little cutie!!

(Oh, and Amy Tubbs!! Is that you?! Wow . . what a small world!)

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Anonymous said...

Jennie, that was so fun to read! We had ours Thursday and he came rather quickly!.... and I couldn't commit to a name either! We were literally trying to decide as the doctor walked in and said I am going to break your water and then you will push... aaaah, but we don't have a name if it's a boy! So, I told Jared to decide once he was born,, too! I thought that was funny how you guys had similar experience! - Caitlin Altenhofel


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