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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sin and the Egg

Do you ever get a clear glimpse of how evident your sin is?

Sometimes it just sits there like a hard-boiled egg. You think it is completely hidden under the table, but God sees it as it is, out in the open.

My son thought he would deliberately deceive me this morning. While I was out of the kitchen, he tried to hide his hard-boiled egg under the table. As I walked back into the kitchen, he greeted me with,

"Mom, look! I ate all of my egg! Wasn't that fast?"

It was, I agreed. Great job, son, I said.

After we finished breakfast and school, I happened to glance under the kitchen table. I saw a nibbled-on hardboiled egg.

I shouldn't have been shocked, but I was, a little. I sent him to his room to await discipline. His little face crumpled and his body trembled a bit. I'm sure he was mostly anticipating his discipline, but I did see a slightly new reaction, one of shame. He knew what he did was wrong, and he knew he needed restoration. This was different than hitting his sister or not obeying my command. He deliberately planned and carried out deception.

As I got to explain the Gospel to my son, truth was being impressed on my own heart as well. I saw evident parallels in my own life. How often do I plan to hide my egg under the table, believing that the Lord will not see it? And how my Lord aches at the deliberate deception! And how clearly does He see my egg, as if the table were not even there!

It humbles a Mommy's heart.

Mommy, I said, need Jesus just as much as you do. Mommy can't keep all of God's rules, just as you cannot keep all of Mommy's rules. The only One who ever kept all of the rules is Jesus Christ.

I am right there with you, son.


Farm Girl said...

Hey Jennifer, Thanks for visiting. Being a mommy is the best thing in the whole wide world, right after being saved and being a wife. But, watching boys be boys is so incredible. Then watching them be daddy's is equally exciting. Being a mom I think is one of life's simple and greatest joys. I am always humbled by the fact, as much a I love my sons and daughters, how God could let His son die for us, when we as humans are so undeserving of that love. It makes the the verse that says God is love, so huge.
I had to laugh about the boiled egg. The deception was wrong, but does he really hate boiled eggs so much? If he does, then let him eat something else. I think sometimes and I am preaching, forgive me, choosing battles is more important.
We as mothers must watch what we are insisting on. I always have to ask myself those questions still.
You are a wonderful Mother and I love reading your blog too.
You are amazing!!!

Jennifer said...

Great food for thought, Farm Girl! Hardboiled eggs are his favorite kind of eggs, though! He likes to eat them. That is why I was a little shocked. But this is the second time today I have read about choosing battles, so I think I need to start choosing more wisely : ) Always learning...

KaraHaus said...

Hey Jennifer, what a great reminder of sin and our necessity to be restored. And I can so relate to having learned that lesson as a mommy. It is a beautiful thing to see a parent take an active roll in teaching their children right from wrong. I am always taken back when my kids purposely choose to not obey or hide something from me. Lying is the worst...nothing gets me more than that. Your son will grow up knowing that there are right and wrong things and we don't just live in a gray world where everything gets justified. Have peace in knowing that through a silly egg, you are teaching your son tremendously important things. Love you girl! Let's do a play date soon!

Brenda said...

Well Said! Thank God for Jesus!

Andrea @ TheTrainToCrazy.com said...

THAT is beautiful.


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