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Monday, March 15, 2010

As Roman hit six days old, I told myself I would turn around and he would suddenly be six weeks old.

I turned.
Six weeks, that handsome little guy. He is a dream.

Speaking of dreamy, how do you like my new model?
These two slings are finally available at Baby Sightings. I am loving turquoise right now. And ruffles. How I do love ruffles.
And here is the my most favorite picture from Jackson's birthday dinner. She stole his new dry-erase book and drew on her face, naturally.


Kathryn said...

i love the turquoise slings too! the first one is michael miller right? and oh my goodness your daughter!! *YIKES!* lol

friend said...
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Farm Girl said...

Very cute!! Don't you just love when they draw on themselves! I love your slings. Oh and Roman is just gorgeous!! I can't believe he is already six weeks.


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