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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why I Love My Son

I used to call him 'Barnabas', which means son of encouragement. He would constantly tell me, Good job, Mom!"

So I would say, "Thank you, little Barnabas".

Until one day when he informed me: "I not Barnabas. I Jackson Brooks".


But he is still kind and encouraging, which I really appreciated after I pulled off this atrocity:
Yes, indeed. That is Lightning McQueen, ladies and gentlecars. I told you I cannot bake. I really cannot decorate cakes. I'd like to think my talents lie elsewhere. Please enjoy your moment of laughter.

But after finishing the cake, my sweet little almost-4-year-old said, "Great job, Mom! It looks so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so cool!"

Thank you, little Barnabas.


Brandy Afterthoughts said...

A good son and I actually like that cake! He will always love that his mommy makes his cakes.

Suzanne said...

He's right. You are the best mommy ever.

KaraHaus said...

He will always remember that MOM made it for him! And it's not that bad...I think I have a picture hidden away somewhere of a similar Thomas Cake! ;)

Brenda said...

i always say as long as it eats good I don't worry too much about what it look likes :-). But I like it! What I love more is the fact that you made it, and you didn't let any doubts stop you from trying. Maybe you are the Barnabas and Jackson gets that from you. Based on Jaskson's reply - he was encouraged too! Happy Birthday Jackson!

Jana said...

that's awesome - he LOVED it!!! Such sweet memories! :) And great job on the cake!

Jennifer said...

I love you all, friends! Thanks for the sweet words! We had such a lovely celebration with family.

NetRaptor said...

You may think it's a lousy cake, but I showed it to Alex, and he said, "Lightning McQueen!" without me telling him what it was. So you must have pegged the likeness pretty well. :-) :-)

Alex's cake was flat, with two colors of frosting and toy cars on it. At least you get five stars for effort. :-)

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