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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Ladybug Kind of Day

Things were so very quiet outside. I finished nursing the baby and walked into the back yard to find the preschoolers sitting silently in the grass. They were literally surrounded by ladybugs. Together we counted seven red-and-black harbingers of spring, working tirelessly, climbing up blade after blade of grass. We four sat together, just fascinated by these tiny creatures.

After some time, Jackson said,

"Mom, we need to make sure they all get back to their mother".

I assured him that the ladybug mother would search high and low for her babies until she found each one of them.

Lovely. Just lovely.


KaraHaus said...

:) Lovely it is!

Brenda said...

We have been doing the same at our house too. Two weeks ago, we had the "alligators" in our yard - the stage of development before ladybugs cacoon and become ladybugs. Then we saw the cacoons everywhere - and now ladybugs! I am making a mental note - science project when Melanie is a bit older.

Anonymous said...

lovely indeed


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