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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Meet Paul

This is Paul.

He is registered to one Jessica Kvasnicka. He hails from the East Coast and moved to Bakersfield last Wednesday.

On Friday, he came to board with us.
For 8 days.

He has destroyed a lawn chair and has kept us (and our neighbors, I'm sure) up until the wee hours of the morning with his puppy talk.

But he sure is cute.

And I owe Jessie about 8 days of babysitting as she often, and without complaining, helps out with our children.
This is Paul wearing a diaper. After he peed all over the entryway, I encouraged Jessie to run out and buy some doggie diapers so we could peacefully co-exist indoors.

However, our dog Shane has been quite welcoming and so the two canines have shared three days together, relaxing in the backyard.

Paul is a Bedlington Terrier and as a pedigreed pooch, is supposed to have a regal-sounding moniker.

But Jessie liked "Paul". So we will spend the week welcoming Paul to Bakersfield.


NetRaptor said...

Oh, the joys of an un-housebroken dog. I'll bet the kids have enjoyed him, though! He has such a funny woolly face.

Farm Girl said...

Thanks Jennifer for your kind comments. I have noticed it to about women my age who do not enjoy having their children grow up and be adults. I always ponder why that is. Very cute dog! I loved, I mean have loved every single stage of my kids life, I would be hard pressed to say which time was my favorite, I think I would have to say, " Why its today! Every single day is a gift when you have kids, little ones and big ones. Have a lovely day, You are so sweet and such a special mommy. I love your day with the lady bugs too. :)


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