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Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Week of Sick

My goodness.

We have been sick.

First, Rebecca had a cold and pinkeye. Then, on the day we tentatively ventured out in the car, Jackson said, "Mom...you know how sometimes people have tastes in their mouths that are disgusting?"


And then he threw up all over the car...the baby carrier...the diaper bag...my back and arm...

But not the fabric! Whoo hoo.

And then I got sick. And then Beau got sick. And darn it if that man is not still sick. I have never seen him stay on the couch this long, not in my ten years of being with him. Thankfully, mine only lasted about 24 hours.
But there are happy things happening around here, too. We got a present! A friend gave us her granddaughters' old Barbie Power Wheels, in perfect shape! It has kept us busy for many a lazy hour at home this week, in between sicknesses.
I got to sew. Luke 10-15 and my sewing machine have kept me from going a little batty over the past few days. This is a baby gift for a friend. She said she wears a lot of denim. Of course, Strawberry Patches had exactly what I was looking for. I kind of wanted to keep this one.
Paul, dear Paul, chewed up three dog beds, two towels, a lawn chair, and pawed this sweet girl's face with his muddy feet. I thought about photo-documenting all of the amusing damage, but I was too tired.
I had leftover fabric scraps from the sling...and a pair of torn-up old camo pants, so Roman has a new hat!
Three months old yesterday. He started to smile on cue this past week. My heart gets full with each precious grin. I could spend hours with him laying on my knees, looking up at me and giggling. It never gets old. Each new baby brings a new appreciation for all things Little and Cute.
"He tends His flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close to His heart; He gently leads those that have young." Isaiah 40:11

The song of my heart!


Anonymous said...

Aren't those sweet smiles grand? I could just sit and watch Brock all day! It's CRAZY around here, but I sure do love having a precious baby around again! Roman is SO adorable... what a sweet smile! By the way, I really do want to go walking with you! Once Jared's schedule slows down a bit, can I give you a call? ~ Caitlin Altenhofel

Farm Girl said...

I am so sorry you have been sick. Sick babies and sick husbands, then you are sick too. Nightmare!! I love, and I mean love the polka-dot fabric. That hat is so cute and I loved you pictures. I will pray for you and your family. The verse is one of my favorites, I always thought it was a very special promise for mothers. It was my labor verse. :)

Swimwife said...

Love you sister! Thanks for the update..I miss you and am glad you are all on the mend. You always have such a biblical perspective even when things are hard! Thank you for your encouragement. Love you

NetRaptor said...

Oh, that is no fun at all. I hope you're all feeling better now! I'm also glad you found other things to do, too. So it hasn't all been dealing with sick people and feeling crummy. :-)

KaraHaus said...

I am so sorry you guys have been so sick! Praying you feel totally better soon, that can be so exhausting! Love the sling and the hat! Talk soon friend!

Jennifer said...

Caitlin- I would love to walk with you and your sweet brood! Call me anytime. Apparently the SGCB ladies walking group is meeting again every Friday at Riverwalk...we may try to get out there.

Farm Girl and Kara- we are so grateful for prayer! I rely more and more on it every day. I wish I wore an apron more often so I would have more chances to throw it over my head for a prayer break ;)

Sister- I adore you! Thank you for leading me biblically by example.

And Kessie, thank you. I get feeling better just looking at your netraptor picture.


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