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Friday, May 14, 2010

Customer Loyalty

When I purchase expensive items, I try to do plenty of research to make sure I am getting the best product my budget allows. I bought a pair of Wamsutta sheets from Bed, Bath, and Beyond with my 20% off coupon last April. We use them exclusively and I wash them once a week. After 11 months, they just began to fall apart! They ripped in the washer, the dryer, and as I put them on the bed. I was able to sew the tears a few times, but when they began to rip in the middle, I knew I was probably due for a new set of sheets. But first, I called Springs Global (Wamsutta's parent company) to let them know about my problem. Within two hours of my call, a lovely woman had put in a shipping order for a brand-new set of California King 800-count sheets. Amazing. Praise God.
I also use a Medela Supplemental Nursing System with Roman, as I have had to do with all of my children. A lactation consultant sold me the starter system after I had Jackson, and I was able to use that little thing through two and a half babies. When Roman was two months old, the tubing finally broke. Beau picked me up a full-sized nursing system, which was way more expensive, and within two weeks, the tubing on that thing snapped. So I called the company. Medela sent me a brand-new starter system plus a new set of tubing for my larger system. Also amazing. The company representatives were also kind and helpful.
Consequently, I am completely loyal to these companies. It is so nice to feel like a conglomerate actually cares about its consumers. Use these brands if you can! ;)

Are there any other companies out there that take care of you like this? Let me know!


Farm Girl said...

I wish I had known that about the sheets because the same thing happened to mine. I never knew sheets would do that and I just put it down to me washing them so much. I will do that next time. :)

Meg said...

We've thankfully never had to call a company for unreasonable wear on anything we have. It's usually just normal wear and tear for us.

But I did want to say how much I love Medela. When the boys were in the NICU I was pumping all the time with a hospital grade pump and Medela attachments. It was so comfortable and they worked so well. It is nice to know they backup their products as well.

Jennifer said...

Yes, Farm Girl! :) I have had sheets for three to five years that have lasted through normal use. I didn't expect brand-new sheets, maybe a coupon or discount.

Meg, I hear their hospital-grade equipment is amazing. I hope I never have to use any of it, but I am so glad it was helpful for you and they boys.

Brandy Afterthoughts said...

Jen--I had a great experience with Medela, also! When I had A., the tubing broke on the size I needed. I couldn't find it anywhere in town. I called Medela to find out where I could buy it, and the gal on the phone said, "Oh, I have one right here! I'll just send it to you!" And she did. NO CHARGE. I was so relieved.

Jennifer said...

Brandy- how wonderful! What a great company. We still need to chat about the SNS's :) I finally feel like I am getting the hang of the full-sized one. I am trying to make it to 6 months. :)


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