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Monday, May 17, 2010


I love to wear my babies. I love to help other mommies wear their babies. And now, I get to help other mommies wear their doggies. I had a friend ask me to make her a sling so she could wear her chihuahua.

So here is the first Baby Jack Doggie Sack.

While shopping for the chihuahua fabric, I found some lovely brown floral fabric and I made a mei tai for Roman. He is getting huge and mei tais allow mommies to carry their babies completely hands-free. A mei tai is basically a backpack, worn either on the front or the back. This is the second one I have made. The first was too small, so I tweaked my pattern. I used this tutorial with a few minor adjustments, like adding a pocket. And here is the weekly picture of my inspiration. He loves to cuddle. I love to cuddle. We are getting along splendidly.


NetRaptor said...

Using a baby sling to carry a dog? Okay, that is just too hilarious by half. :-) :-)

I have a nice baby sling I got at my first baby shower, and I've used it with both kids. Unfortunately they grow so fast that they're too heavy to lug around after the first 3 months!

KaraHaus said...

Oh my goodness! You are so talented. I love your slings and carriers...slightly makes me want to carry a little one around! Don't you LOVE that floral?? So retro but so current!

It was great to see you. Let's plan a play date soon. I will need to keep the boys busy this summer!

Mariel said...

slinging a dog is not one I'd ever thought of...creative for sure! I love your slings...my boys are now too big to sling (7 and 10!!). wish I had found this 10 years ago.

Suzanne said...

Well I can see why you love to cuddle. Not Roman. Beau! Talk about a hunk. You are a very lucky lady!


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