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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spontaneous. Ness.

Usually my day goes something like this:
Exercise...Bible Time...Feed Baby...Feed Kids...Play Outside...Feed Baby...Feed Kids...blah blah. You're probably a mom, and you probably know what I am talking about.

But not today!

We took Grandma up on an offer for a trip to Magic Mountain. It was awesome. I got a change of scenery and a bit of adult conversation, and the kids got to run around until they literally wanted to sit down. Repeat, awesome. Even Roman did well.

He rode a few rides, himself. Well, with me. But he, himself, rode a few rides.
Nothing scared the children. They ran straight to every ride they saw. It was a big change from the Strawberry Festival last year.
( Remember this? )
And now look! Only smiles.
Gorgeous smiles.
There was even a Thomas the Train ride. Its setting was beautiful.
She ends every trip just like her mommy. Thanks, Grandma.


Meg said...

Adult conversation?? You scored big time! :D

So cute. Getting out of the house is so nice, and what a great place to do it at! They're all so adorable. I'm glad Roman is going on rides by himself. They have to grow up sometime, you know. :P

Farm Girl said...

A very nice day, my favorite? The sleeping in the car part, I love sleeping babies. Yeah, adult conversation is a wonderful thing. Now that summer is here, my kids sleep so late the only conversation I have is with chickens. That really is not adult. No syllables. Thank goodness for my I Pod and the teachers I get to listen too. :)
Hey, the 5:00AM part on my blog, I write my posts the night before and it automatically posts it for me at 5:00 Am. My mornings are to busy for any kind of deep thought
so I do my posts when I have bit of uninterrupted time. Such as when everyone is fed. :)
Have a lovely day, Jennifer.

Brenda said...

looks like fun! i have never thought of magic mtn as a place to take little kiddos! We might have to give it a go!


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