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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Mother's Day picture...someday, my family will smile on cue...maybe. But I will take this for now!
Roman's cousin, Dax, is three months older, but the boys are about the same size and length...
"I want to hold baby Womat all by myself!" ...something I hear a few times each day.
The retro apron I got to give to a sweet soon-to-be-bride this weekend. The shower was just lovely...everything a wedding shower should be. Congratulations, Meghann! You will make quite the Excellent Wife! It was romantically sobering to be sitting peacefully in a beautiful backyard, under puffy spring clouds, with my own daughter on my lap, observing a young bride at her wedding shower. I felt...old...grateful for my husband and family...paradoxically wise and naive...excited for the new couple and all of the blissful "newness" they will feel these next few months...at peace with where God has me right now...thinking all of the "if I knew then what I know now" thoughts...

It was a lovely day.


NetRaptor said...

Ah, such a cute family photo! And I love that they call him "Womat". That's so cute!

I love your aprons, too. They're just so gorgeous. :-)

Farm Girl said...

You look radiant!! I love the aprons! You are such a amazing seamstress! You are so blessed.

Meg said...

You all look so adorable! And if you figure out the smiling on cue thing, let me know. ;)

I LOVE your aprons. Oh my goodness those are so cute!!


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