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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Once-A-Week Post

Why didn't anyone tell me that having a baby would seriously cramp my blogging style?

And my sewing style?

And my reading style?

I'm sure every mommy with more than three children is smiling knowingly, thinking, "just wait until you have four! Five! Ten! Because I smile when I hear mommies with a lesser number of children talk about how busy their days are. Life just gets busy. I suppose, when children grow up, then grandchildren and jobs and service opportunities take up time. It is all I can do to make sure I am in the Word of God every day. Or I would be having more serious problems than those revolving around blogging.

I miss you all, blogging friends. I am trying faithfully to stay current on your posts. Thank you for bringing me little pieces of the outside world. We shall rejoin you all once again quite soon, I hope.


Farm Girl said...

You are so sweet! Hang in there, really you will be back better than ever and it is only for a season. Then you will be old like me and have all the time you want and wish for days that you rocked, nursed and kissed warm little heads. They do grow up and you could be here at my house today with teenagers/young adults playing a board game that sounds like they are watching the Superbowl. :)

NetRaptor said...

That's what early bedtimes are for!

But it's hard to do anything with a new baby. Just squeak in the creative activities whenever you can and it'll get easier.

Although I can hear you chortling, "Yeah, and you only have TWO! Hahaha!"

Brandy Afterthoughts said...

I won't say wait until you have four because, to be perfectly honest, it was three that was the hardest for me! I don't think I sat down until she was 6 months old! At least, it felt that way. For me, the workload didn't feel like it changed that much when I had #4, plus I'd had 19 months of practice at that point, so I had gotten good at it, and my Chief Helper was a big six-year-old who was fairly competent.

All of that to say: I, personally, think you are at the hardest part (well, unless you end up with six, because I hear that feels sort of like it feels to have three). :) So we will call it the hardest-part-for-a-while.

But they really do get easier. I know you know this, but sometimes it is nice to hear it.

Si and I were imagining the other night: Wow! What will it feel like when they can all...buckle themselves into the car...bathe or shower themselves...dress themselves...use the toilet independently...wash my car for me?

Just kidding about that last one.

But really: how life will change with their independence!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the encouragement, dear ladies! I simultaneously cherish and am frustrated by these long days and short years. My heart already aches at the thought that one day, no one will be calling me "Mommy"- it will be "Mom". But like you said, Brandy, I look forward to the days where they become more independent. I love my life and am so grateful for these little ones. It is way more exhausting than any job I have ever had! But much, much sweeter.

Kara Haushalter said...

GIRL! I am so with you on this! Blog? What blog? I now have 3 things to blog about this week, tomorrow will be four! Eek!

Keep it up....your work as mommy is way more important than blogging! ;)


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