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Friday, June 11, 2010

Peeks of WIP

Works in Progress.... a blanket for a friend who is officially adopting!

Pillow #1 out of 8 for my sister-in-law
Leftover scraps put to good use!

When I sew, I love to listen to Everything But the Girl's Walking Wounded. What do you like to put on while you craft?

Have a blessed, relaxing weekend.


Meg said...

Adorable blankets, and I love those birds! They're so cute!

When I (rarely) get to sit down and knit, I usually have a load of knitting podcasts to listen to. It's either that or watch Good Eats on YouTube. :)

Kara Haushalter said...

I need to look that up for my sewing playlist. I have been hooked to my new hymns album and/ or I listen to Jill Briscoe and get a good dose of challenge adn encouragement..plus it's the only time I am sitting down (mostly uninterrupted) to listen to the whole talk!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pillow! Can't wait to see the other ones!


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