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Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Jack and Jill Hat

I've been wanting to make this hat ever since Suzanne started offering the pattern in her store and Amanda made a few adorable examples. My first attempt was with a boy's hat, and while it looks good on the outside, the inside lining is nothing that I am proud of. I can't wait to try again with a little girl's hat. I get a little addled by patterns. I learn much better by watching someone else. That is why I love blog patterns and tutorials. Clear, colored pictures make it easier for me to learn.

He wore it all day yesterday, which made his mama quite happy. And then we took off to Pasadena for an extended-family Fourth of July celebration.
Here is the Sienna T-Shirt Dress I got to make for a friend's daughter, turning ONE today. Happy birthday, Maddy! The shirt is one of Maddy's mommy's old T's, covertly given to me by Maddy's grandmother.


Suzanne said...

Such a handsome boy in his hat. You might call Annette on Tuesday for some tips on the lining. She too had some issues with the way it fit inside and worked them out for the class she taught. I know she will be more than happy to share what she learned.

Kara Haushalter said...

Love the hat, the lining can be tricky. Love the way it looks in your little man....my boys' heads must be weird because it didn't sit right on them! Much cuter on your guy! Nice job!

NetRaptor said...

That hat is really cute!

Hey, did you ever start sleeping any better? I've been thinking about that.


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