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Thursday, August 5, 2010


I was vacuuming, the roar of the motor drowning out all sound around me.

Suddenly, there was movement by my feet.

I jumped!

It was a giant bug, creepy-crawling toward my feet, wanting to take a bite.

And another bug, crawling close behind.

Not many things make me want to stop my vacuuming and roll on the floor, giving hugs all around.
But this was toooo cute.


Farm Girl said...

Very cute bugs!! I loved when the kids played in laundry baskets. Thanks for your kind comment today.
You are always so sweet.

NetRaptor said...

Hi Jennifer,

I can't find your email anywhere, so I'll just leave the fruit leather info here.

4 cups pureed fruit
1 cup sugar (to taste)

Get a cookie sheet with raised edges. Cover in plastic wrap, parchment paper, or waxed paper. Spread the fruit puree on top. If the weight of the leather makes your paper or plastic fold over onto the edges, hold them back with tape or wooden clothespins.

Put into oven on its lowest setting, 120-170 degrees. Leave oven cracked open. Let dry 24-48 hours. Leather is dry when it is dry and no longer sticky in the center, and peels off the corners just fine.

If you have a dehydrator with dehydration screens, this works even better.

Farm Girl said...

I just had to leave you a comment from your nice one today.
When my older boys were about 8 and 6 they always wanted to make things in the garage. I bought one and learned to cut out things like guns but other things too so they could paint them. We would make Christmas ornaments and then they would paint them and we would hang them on the tree. I shook so bad for the longest time but they enjoyed it so much that I kept at it.
I think of all of the things I might have never tried or learned if I had not had kids.
They gave me courage to tackle things like that scroll saw.


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