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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"What are you doing to feed your soul these days?", asked my friend last night.

Hmmm, I thought. That is a really good question.

My first answer was to talk about what I am reading in Scripture each morning, Esther and Romans. I am going through my MacArthur Study Bible (Brandy, remember our MacArthur study so very long ago?). The daily readings are laid out for me- Old Testament, Psalm, Proverb, New Testament. Wonderful.

But as we talked longer, I realized there are other things that feed my soul daily.

I am calmed, relaxed, and filled with sweet joy each time I sit down to feed my baby boy. I am fed as he is fed. As he looks at me and smiles, I am so very content. There are two times during the day where we are alone- his early morning feeding and his 3pm feeding. The big kids are asleep or resting during those hours.

My soul is fed as I get to play with my children. At a conference I attended recently, I was reminded to play with my children each day. The days are such whirlwinds of chaos and activity. I sometimes get to the end of one and realize we have not sprawled out on the floor together to play. But if there is time to sew, there is certainly time to play My Little Pony or GI Joe.

It also feeds my soul to see my children playing sweetly together for periods of time. I delight in seeing their imaginations develop. I smile as I watch them pretend and giggle together. I can't wait until Roman is in the mix.

Late in the evenings, when the busyness of the day is winding down, it feeds my soul to catch up with my husband- to talk about the children, work, our future and our desires and our relationship.

God is so faithful to use my circumstances to provide rest and joy for me. Lest I forget and choose to feel overwhelmed, I can remember this question my wise and godly friend put forward last night. I can only delight in these things if my primary delight is in the Lord. I am thankful for His promises and His blessings and the trials He sovereignly provides for me. He is my portion.

How are you feeding your soul these days?


Farm Girl said...

Very sweet post, I loved that you wake up and nursing the baby and it feeds your soul, it always did mine.
I think what I have been learning this summer is solitude. Time with my Lord, to ask nothing to sit and wait before Him as He teaches me about waiting. I have been using John and all of the I Am's---the bread of life, the vine...etc. I have been thinking on Psalm 119 too.
I have felt for too long, I have worked on a learning about Him,
but not really knowing Him.
So that has been this summer.
Soon it will be time to go back to teaching and then it will be different.

Tea with Tiffany said...

It feeds my soul to have conversations with others about God. I love knowing He is working in the hearts of others. I love to feed on music that speaks of His greatness. Journaling and reading His Word too.

Jennifer said...

Thank you for sharing with me, ladies. :)

Brandy Afterthoughts said...

Jen, Not only do I remember that study, but my copy of the MacArthur Study Bible is on my bedside table as I type! I still read it. I love that it gets me through Scripture once per year. I don't use it every single year, but it has definitely seen some wear over the years. :)

Loved this post, friend...

Swimwife said...

Jennifer, my sweet sister! I love reading your blog. You have such a way with words! Having you not only as my sister but my friend feeds my soul! You always have time to talk to me, encourage me and pray with me. Thank you! Love you


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