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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Grooming Girls on the Cheap: Homemade Detangler Spray

The price of Johnson and Johnson's Detangler Spray runs between $3.29 (FoodMaxx) and $4.99 (Vons). I was buying one bottle every two months or so. My daughter's hair looks like this when she gets out of bed in the morning:My sister-in-law and I talk sometimes about how impossible it is to create a hairstyle on our daughters that stays in place all day.

Anyway. Sometimes wetting and detangling her hair helps in the short term. But I didn't want to pay for what is basically water in a bottle.

So, to make your own hair detangler, get out these supplies:

1- Spray bottle ($1.98 at Winco)
2- Your favorite hair conditioner (I have lots, loitering in my bathroom cupboards- free)
3- Filtered Water (essentially free)

Fill the spray bottle up with water. Add a generous dose of conditioner (maybe two tablespoons). Shake it up. With the cap on, of course. You clean up enough of your childrens' messes to add one of your own.

Spray away. A bonus- the spray bottle covers a wider area of Rebecca's head than the wussy little Johnson and Johnson's sprayer.

And it smells better.


Farm Girl said...

I never knew that, what a great idea, I will try it on mine since I have such a tender scalp and trying to let my hair grow out would be great and I have just refused to by that stuff.
Great Tip

Swimwife said...

Thanks sister! You are so resourceful:)


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