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Sunday, November 14, 2010

9 months, 10 months, Something like That

Look! This:

Became This:

In, like, five weeks! Something like that, anyways. How is time speeding up so fast? It seemed the years used to fly by, but the weeks were long. The days were longer. It is not seeming this way anymore. With the addition of two days of BSF this year, our week just jumps by. This little guy is "something like 9 or ten months", which is what I tell people when they ask. I have to figure it out. But by the time I figure it out, it changes. Why bother? He's older than 0 and not quite as old as 1. Is that good enough for you? No really, it is nice and polite when people ask.

He cut a tooth on Thursday. His very first one. He drools all over me, and now I know why. I was at the park with my sister-in-law and her kids, and somewhere between all four big kids deciding to swim in the river in the 59 degree weather and a poopy diaper, I felt a tooth. It feels so victorious! Way to go, little guy.

The Lord doesn't care if my day-week-year is busy. He still expects me to put Him first. Every year I think this, but this year, I truly have had to rely on Him more than ever. Unexpectedly and unwelcomingly, life seems to get more convoluted and difficult as I become an adult. Relationships are difficult (although, as Chad preached to us today, the devil seeks to destroy our relationships because Christian fellowship glorifies God. The enemy doesn't like that...remember, Jennie, remember this....), taking care of one's family and oneself is difficult, and lots of other stuff that I can't quite remember is difficult. There are such shining times of joy and peace, but a lot of difficulty. Is it because I am getting older? Having more children? Deepening more relationships? Realizing this world is neither Home nor fulfilling? Hmm... The Lord guides me, sustains me, and keeps me. If nothing else, I have the promise of salvation. I fervently pray the same for my children and others in my life. I suppose life would be boring if it were easy and happy and lovely all the time. Who needs boring?

I am so in love with that Baby that is neither 0 nor 1. He is quite the charmer. That's all I really wanted to say. Thanks for stopping by!


Farm Girl said...

Well it all sounds wonderful and you sound just perfect. So glad you are you. It makes me happy to read about you and your kids.

Jennifer said...

thanks, farm girl. i love, love, love reading your blog :)

Swimwife said...

Sister, The Lord is so gracious to have put you in my life! Thankfully in the season the Lord is taking both of us through with difficulty and some hard relationships, my relationship with you is a joy. You are a constant encouragement to me! And you always encourage me to love the Lord more. Thank you for being my sister- friend! Love you!

Kara Haushalter said...

Our King is forever our Sustainer, our Peace giver, and He carries our hearts! Life is crazy busy and difficult more than ever. Your focus is on Him and that is right where it should be. Love you girl!

Brandy Afterthoughts said...

Well, he sure *looks* like a Woodward! :)


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