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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


"Art", says Edith Schaeffer, "satisfies and fulfills something in the person creating and in those responding."

"The only artist who is perfect in all forms of creativity- in technique, in originality, in knowledge of the past and future, in versitility, in having perfect content to express as well as perfect expression of content, in having perfect truth to express as well as perfect expression of truth, in communicating perfectly the wonders of all that exists as well as something about Himself, is of course God!"- says Edith.

What is your medium?

Is it this?
Here is mine. It was worth dragging all three children into Strawberry Patches for. Freshly cut fabric holds such promise and intrigue. I love to touch it and smell it and gaze at it. I love to carefully pick which fabric I will use for which project, and for which person. I love that a handmade gift expresses my care and love for the recipient. I love getting handmade gifts which say the same thing to me. The season is here, and I am ready! What are you making for Christmas gifts?


Kessie said...

I love your art medium! You make the neatest things in it.

Me, I don't know if I'll make stuff. I might just settle on boxes of candy for all and sundry. Or iTunes cards. :-)

Rebecca said...

I'm considering fat-quarter aprons, if I can get my machine in working order in time. Here's a link...


Brandy Afterthoughts said...

Notice anything about that third medium?

Not easy to give away the end product!


Someday I'll finish my book and have it printed and that'll be my Christmas gift! We did that when Siah had his book published. Until then, I make cookies! :)

You make beautiful things, Jen.

Jennifer said...

B- you are who I was thinking about when I posted that pic..still waiting for your masterpiece. until then, i love to keep reading your blog!

K- I was thinking of your drawing, sketching, and painting. what a great gift!

R- thank you for the link. good luck with the machine! mine is fighting me right now as well :(


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