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Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday, Gloomy Monday...



It is a sad day when I cannot sew. If I have to take a week off, or- heaven help me-months (!)...I can't even think about it.

Ol' Brother had been acting up during the Christmas season. I knew what the problem was- this little metal thingy (that is what the manual calls it) had been getting weak and therefore my bobbin thread was unregulated. It kept getting bunched up while I would try to sew. I was able to wriggle it back into position many times. I was so very proud of myself, fixing my own machine like that. However, for anyone who has ever wriggled a soda can tab back and forth...back and forth...back and forth...you know the inevitable outcome.


It died. That little metal piece just laid down and gave its life for the good of the machine. So the parts of the machine that don't want to work as hard can now have a little respite. It was so very socialist of my Brother. I hate socialism. And I am mad at my Brother. For my sweet husband has told me that I will not be able to get my machine fixed until April.

Not three days before the incident, we had been discussing my dire need to stick carefully to the budget for the coming months.

No outside spending
, he said.

, said I.

And then this. The Lord is testing my submission.

Of course, I called the manufacturer. I can work a power drill. I can program a garage door. I can refinish furniture. Surely I can uninstall and reinstall a teeny tiny metal part into an expensive machine.

But they were on to me. They referred me to an Authorized Service Dealer. Apparently many people such as myself want to save the $75.00 and just Fix It Themselves. And get mad at Brother when the process doesn't go quite as expected. Have they been monitoring my phone calls or something?

So I shall wait. And make bows. Or crochet. Or bake. Or something. It just doesn't seem like creating if there is not a whirring machine and crisp, expensive new fabric involved.

Boo Hoo.


Meg said...

Ouch! Oh, losing my favorite craft for awhile would be so hard. But I think you're right - you're being taught a lesson! April will be here before you know it.

Kara Haushalter said...

BOO!!!! I was just thinking about having my machine and serger serviced and cleaned and the cost!!! Urg! What a pain!

I am praying something awesome happens and your machine is fixed! But...if you NEED to sew....bring the kiddos over and use my machine! I guess I could spend some sewing time with you...if I have too! ;)

Seriously, come over anytime!

Love you girl!

Lift Up Your Hearts said...

There is a place on Niles that I bet would give you that part for a few dollars. I dreaded taking my machines in for fear of how much they would cost and I was astounded how cheap the fixes were. I'll get the name for you if you want, and I definitely recommend just going in because they don't speak great English. :-)

Brandy @ Afterthoughts said...

I have an idea: come plat at my house! :)

Farm Girl said...

Oh nothing worse that not being able to sew. So sorry, but I know God will give you other work for your busy hands to do. :) as Meg says, April will be here before you know it, or God will do a very awesome surprise for you. He does that a lot for me. :)

Jennifer said...

Not so gloomy anymore! Thanks for the tips and the invites. We should play out more. I am an extrovert, for heaven's sake. These littles tie me to the house more than I thought I would be comfortable with. But lo and behold! I'm okay! I love you, my sweet friends!

Emily, please, please do tell me about this place. It would be much appreciated.


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