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Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring-y Ribbon Banner

I had a tutorial all planned. Then I accidentally deleted 21 pictures. Not like you needed 21 pictures to figure this thing out. It was really easy. Maybe you don't need any pictures to figure this thing out. Want to try?

Get these things:
Printer paper
Assorted spring-colored scrapbook paper (4 12x12's will do)
Coordinating 1.5-inch ribbon (3 colors)
Cardboard Diaper Box
Hot Glue Gun

1. Find a cool text in Word. I used Didot. Enlarge it to 500 in your text size window. Each letter will take up one piece of printer paper. Let your children watercolor on the scraps, or you will feel bad for hours about wasting that much paper.

2. Print out the letters. Then, using a paper cutter, trim around your letters, allowing approximately a 1-inch margin around each letter.

3. Hot glue the letter to your scrapbook paper, allowing for another 1-inch margin. Cut out your mounted letter.

4. Cut 6 lengths of ribbon into pieces 12 inches long. Fold in half, and glue shut. Now glue your closed pieces to the back of your mounted letters. Make sure the ribbon is centered, and allow about 5 inches of ribbon to be visible from the top of the letter. You will hang your letter with these 5 inches of ribbon.

5. Cut the 2 long bottom flaps off of your diaper box. Trim them into pieces 4 inches tall by approximately 15 inches long (it depends on the size of your box- you just want your end product to be a really long strip of cardboard). Lay them side by side, lengthwise, and tape them together so you have one very long cardboard length.

6. Cut a piece of scrapbook paper into strips 4 inches tall by 12 inches long. You will have three. Hot glue these to the length of cardboard you just constructed. Trim any excess paper.

7. Lay your new pretty cardboard strip on a big table and arrange your letters underneath your hanging board. Take your thumb tacks and secure the letters to the cardboard by tacking on the ribbon to the board. Don't puncture your table!

8. Hang wherever you want. I placed mine on the inside of my front door with duct tape, but you can use something else if you want. Duct tape is so not a sexy craft item.

Since I deleted my pictures like a sleep-deprived mother of three, feel free to email me or comment with any questions. Sometimes writing down the steps makes a project feel more confusing, but trust me- this one is pretty straightforward. Send pictures to me!


Kessie said...

Aw man, don't you hate it when you do that? Chances are your pictures are still in the Picasa gallery or whatever it's called, which is where Blogger files all pictures you upload.

Anyway, I was able to follow along with your instructions just fine, by flicking up and studying your finished product. I hadn't even noticed the thumbtacks until I read the step with them. :-)

Rachel said...

Hi Jennifer,
What a cute project for Spring! I linked to it from my site here: http://www.allfreeholidaycrafts.com/Spring-Paper-Crafts/Spring-y-Ribbon-Banner
Please let me know if it's okay to link to your projects like this in the future!
Rachel Bernstein, Editor


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