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Sunday, May 15, 2011


It is May.

I have not been blogging.

Or sewing, for that matter.

For the record, I did try to get on to Blogger at one point last week during a free 5 minutes. I was told that Blogger was down. Bummer.

But Blogger is up today! And here we are, checking in for an update. So many things going on...

Guess who finally started walking?
Well, he is not walking in that picture, but I don't have much footage just yet.

We have been enjoying birthday parties, park days, slip-n-slides, a concert even! We wake up on Monday morning, go to sleep Monday night, and all of the sudden, it is Sunday morning. The week flashes by like Scooby Doo running from a monster.

For 13 months now, we have been whispering a word around our house, almost scared to speak it out loud, praying together, praying alone.


Do we really want to add more chaos to this home? Do we really feel up to the challenge that an adopted child will provide us with? Do we really care about all of the stories the naysayers are excited to provide us with?

Yes, yes, and, well, no.

We have thought about and prayed through the challenges. We are excited about the opportunity that this new avenue provides for our family, spiritually and emotionally. We have no guarantee this child will be healthy or "normal" or a Christian.

But we have no guarantees on our biological children, either. We trust God and press on. I am sharing with my blog friends at this point because I know that many of you trust the Lord as your Savior and we ask you for your prayers as we begin this strange and wonderful journey.

We are halfway through the classes that allow us to get our Foster Care license. There is much more work to be done. How exciting it is to finally start the process, though! Our eyes are being opened to all of the Christian work that can be done right here in our city. The suffering is intense. The Gospel needs to be shared. Adults and children are hurting, sick, oppressed, abused- all in need of a Savior. Only Christ can fill that need. For the sufferings of this world are but "light and momentary afflictions" when they are looked at through eternal eyes. We know that the Lord is giving us this small chance to help just one more soul see His love and provision.

Our reasons are many. We have carefully thought through short- and long-term implications. We have been prayerful and quiet as we waited for the Lord to move in this way, and we now feel that this is the time. The privacy of the children in the system is guarded very carefully, so we will not be able to share specifics for quite some time, but please feel free to pray for our family in any way you see fit. I will share what I can. Four times the fun, baby. Bring it on.


Kessie said...

Personally, I'd rather adopt than do foster care, because foster care you have to give them up after a while. Kudos to you, whichever you do! I hope you get to update a little more often. I've been wondering how you were doing. Maybe now that BSF is almost out?

Meg said...

Woohoo! Good for you two! I think this is a wonderful thing. Taking care of a child in need and having the opportunity to raise them, even just for a bit, in a God centered home is a great thing! Praying for you and any little ones who may bless you.

Jennifer said...

Yes, Kessie, now that BSF is out I should have more time! Yahoo. I hope I spend it wisely.

Thanks for the prayers, Meg :)

Jill said...

Hooray! We'll be praying and here for anything. Love you!

Brandy @ Afterthoughts said...

Jen, I keep meaning to leave a nice, encouraging comment.

So here I finally am.

I am happy for you, friend! I hope it goes well for your guys. Have you read Adopted for Life? I hear Moore has worked out a pretty compelling theology of adoption. Perhaps this will help you with a ready answer to those who doubt your decision...

Megs said...

Wow Jennie! That is amazing and wonderful news. If you can get both, get both the foster care and adoption approvals at the same time. My understanding is that most foster parents end up adopting their children, but the process takes years if they were not dually licensed to begin with. I will keep you in my prayers!


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