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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I am...egg?

At BSF this morning, our teaching leader brought up Easter egg hunts and why we use eggs as a Christian symbol.


It was explained this way: the egg has three parts- shell, yolk, and white- but is one entity. This is a very simple (and somewhat flawed) explanation of a concept that frankly, is beyond my understanding.

Go here for a more thorough explanation.


Kessie said...

I always heard that eggs are a symbol of new life, and the egg is a symbol of the born-again Christian and so on. I used to remember all this, but it escapes me now. I think the Passover traditions are much cooler, frankly. Even the Catholic ones of fasting lightly until Easter Sunday, and then getting down with a PAR-TAY, makes more sense than the whole egg deal. :-)

As for your problem with church, that's why we're not bothering until the kids are older. I just can't face all of the rush and stress just to go get watered-down teaching that I could frankly get off a podcast with much less trouble.

Brandy @ Afterthoughts said...

Hmmm...I don't buy it.

I'm pretty sure I know why we "hunt" for eggs. Free range birds hide their eggs. Traditionally, egg-gathering is a child's job, so they hunt for eggs daily (at my house this only happens when they escape from their cage...which is almost daily since we put the new wheels on--oops!). Around Easter would be when chickens start laying again after their winter break (due to lack of sunlight). Ducks aren't as light sensitive, but that is another story. How the daily egg hunt ended up tied into Easter celebrations, though...that is beyond me.

We use a set of Resurrection Eggs every year, which I really do like. It is a fun family tradition.

Miss Debbie said...

Hi there! I came by way of Kim at My Field of Dreams.You have a beautiful blog and I was blessed and encouraged by your posts. I'll be back! :-)


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