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Monday, June 13, 2011

It has Beckoned.

This car has served us well. Beau passed it down to me once we realized that all three of our children did not fit comfortably in the smallish SUV we brought home one day.

Actually, we brought home said SUV while I was still pregnant with Roman. No, we did not look to see if the car seats would fit in "my" new (used) car. No, we will not make that mistake again.

But. Lord willing, we will have a new little baby girl in the coming months. And try as we might, a family of 6 just will not fit in a truck. Therefore, we have been on the lookout for a new car.

We drove this.Mmm hmm.

We drove this.Yup.

I think we were quite convincing at making the poor salesmen believe we were actually interested in these cars. Well, we were actually interested. Until we saw the price tags. So Goldilocks and her Bear slunk off, tails between their legs, to drive this:

And saints be praised! We loved it.

We lit a candle and wistfully waved goodbye to the last vestiges of coolness we thought we carried. No, we did not do that.

He loved the price tag. I loved the space-age awesomeness of the center control station and the dual DVD players.

I was once one of those girls who scoffed at the huge SUV's and minivans, tooling about at night, DVD players ablaze with brain-cell-destroying waves of entertainment.

No more. Why have one when I could have two? Yes please. Will it guarantee me twice the peace and quiet? Can I have sound-proof glass behind the driver's seat?

Methinks if it could be done in a vehicle, the van would have it.

So in due time, we will make it our own. We will miss the truck, but we have good friends that will be lovingly making the truck their own. We are happy about this. We hope they are too.

If you see me, wave.

I will wave back, because I am no longer too cool to wave.


Farm Girl said...

You can come over and visit on my porch anytime. :)
I had to laugh at you getting into a family car. :) As my Dad said, when I had to give up my sports car, well, I guess you are growing up.
Rights of passage. They really are better for hauling little people around in.

Kara Haushalter said...

You are so cool! Haha! I am still vowing to never drive a minivan and as long as we only have 2 kids I think we will be safe!

Still, it looks pretty stylish and I will always think you are cool! Love ya!

jon said...

Wow....Nice cars. I really love that cars.

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