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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vacation Bible School

...or "GPS", as Jackson refers to it.

This was our first year. I am in love with Vacation Bible School. Having never had a "school" experience, I was a bit nervous to just... drop my kids off? And leave?

Apparently I was not the only nervous one. Poor Jackson was throwing up all Monday morning. I kept him at home. He was fine by 11:30 and we did not have another incident in the house. I think he just really, really did not want to go to school.

Days 2-5 passed quite uneventfully. I relished my one-on-one time with Baby Roman. We had so much fun together, quietly and simply passing the time. That was one reason I love VBS. crazy hat day
Reason 2: The Scripture songs my kids were singing in the car all week made me want to cry. I teach them this stuff and I am not ever certain they are retaining anything. But set it to surf music, and we all knew all the words to every song by Friday. We are still listening to the CD in the car every day. It is funny how the simple truths of Scripture are the most applicable and necessary.

Reason 3: My kids got to go to school with their cousins. Rebecca and Hudson were even in the same class! It was so cute to see those teeny little ones sitting side-by-side in a huge auditorium. I hope they will remember those days for years to come. The cousins; Jackson excited as usual

Reason 4: Saint John's School is three minutes away from my house. What a blessing for a procrastinator like me. I always feel like I can clean one more thing before we leave the house. We were even early a few times!

Reason 5: It was completely free. School, T-Shirt, CD, snacks. All free.

Can't wait for next summer.


Farm Girl said...

Gosh Kessie always loved it and I learned as much as she did as I was a brand new believer. I love the songs too as it helped me to retain verses. I was a helper, did you know I was supposed to show the kids were a concordance was in the Bible and I didn't even know. :) Yes, I learned so much.

Kessie said...

Ahh, VBS! I loved it so much. For the life of me I can't remember anything about what we did, but I just remember that I loved going. It wasn't like real school. I'm glad your munchkins loved it. It's one of those great formative experiences. :-)


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