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Monday, August 1, 2011

Rebecca in the Rain

Did it rain at your house on Sunday morning?

Our children have been waking up every morning before 7 am. In the winter, when it is darker outside, they will sleep until at least 8. The new wake-up time is seriously cramping my morning routine.

But Sunday morning, we awoke at 8 am to find every child still asleep. Glorious!

Then we looked outside. The sky was covered with clouds!


It actually rained twice, for a good minute each time. After the first time, Rebecca ran inside to get her raincoat.
Then it stopped.
Right after this picture, it started again. It has been almost 100 degrees and humid ever since. Yay, Bakersfield!


Kessie said...

We didn't get any rain where we are, but we sure got the humidity. I'm hoping it all blows over soon. It being August, that's kind of a faint hope, but I cling to it nonetheless!

Farm Girl said...

We got a few drops but that was it. Yep, hot and muggy.
That along roads part was from Taste of Home. I tried to get it off but it wouldn't let me so I left it. :)
I wish I knew where there was blackberries growing along the road too. Not here for sure, they would be dried and crunchy.


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