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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Deep Nutrition- 2

Shanahan has a chapter devoted to a short scientific discourse on beauty. I learned things that I would have never thought about! For instance, if we ate correctly, most women would have the typical feminine hourglass figure, the outward manifestation of inward fertility. It made me think of all of the reproductive problems we have in society. Could so many diseases of affluence be reversed by eating traditional foods?
"Voluptuousness is an indication of healthy female sexual dimorphism, while a lack of voluptuousness indicates a problem. Normally, the hips and bust develop during puberty as a result of a healthy surge in sex hormones. These developments involve expansion of the pelvic bones along with the deposition of fat and glandular tissue within the breasts. But women whose genetics are such that their spines are abnormally short or their hormonal surge less pronounced- or whose diet is such that it interferes with the body's respnse to hormones-end up with boxier figures. If they're thin, they'll end up as bananas. If they put on weight, it gets distributed in a more masculine pattern- in the belly, on the neck, and around the upper arms- and they'll become an apple. Today, after three generations of trans fat consumption (which interferes with hormone expression), and with daily infusions of sugar (which interferes with hormone receptivity), hourglass figures have become something of a rarity. According to a 2005 study commissioned to Alva products, a manufacturer of designers' mannequins, less than ten percent of women today develop the voluptuous curves they're supposed to." (54)
I have never loved my apple shape (getting more "apple-y" by the week, mind you!) but I desire lots and lots of grandchildren, so I want to feed my daughter the best possible food for her own future fertility. Could good food help ensure reproductive health from the inside out? I would like to think so.

As a caveat, the author is not a Christian and believes in evolution, although she references "Intelligence" in the design of the body on a genetic level. I do not believe in evolution, obviously; I know God is sovereign and is the Creator and Sustainer of our bodies.


Meg said...

Ben and I have lots of conversations on how we firmly believe today's screwed up health problems are because of the food we have been pumping into our bodies for the last few generations. We've also been on a Bond movie kick and have watched the change in women's bodies from curvy and sexy (50s/60s) to flat and stick-like (70/80s). It's been very eye opening.

Farm Girl said...

Wow that was very encouraging. Now I have and excuse. :) I always have been curvy. Now I know it is better to not look like a Barbie. I know that I can always make a choice, feel good, get lots of work accomplished and being happy. Or go lower in my weight and I have no energy and can hardly get the work done I need too. I am glad that she wrote that book.


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