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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sugar-Free Homemade Peppermint Mocha

Have you tried this yet? A Starbucks Peppermint Mocha. Oh. Baby.

But a $5.00 drink is not in the budget, even once a week. And this drink is so delicious, I set out to find a homemade suitable replacement. Can I share with you?
Start with this. I used the "subscribe and save" option on Amazon and have had enough decaf coffee to last this whole pregnancy. The organic label means that it does not have any of the 43 chemicals that regular coffee tends to have.

I measure out 16 oz. of boiling water and add two heaping teaspoonfuls of the coffee.

Add this. It is cheapest on Amazon. $3.99 gets you a whole bottle. You would pay $15.00 for this at the local health food store. I squeeze probably 20 whole drops into my coffee base.

Then add a heaping tablespoon of Trader Joe's unsweetened cocoa powder.
Next, add a generous serving of heavy cream. I like the organic cream from Trader Joe's. Milk just can't compare to a good heavy cream.

Then, either stir or use a frother to blend it all together. I cannot wait to wake up on freezing cold morning to drink one of these. Yummy!


Farm Girl said...

It sounds wonderful. Your baby tummy looks so pretty. You look really good. Megan looks very pretty as well.
I hope you get a chance to rest.
Thanks for stopping by to visit today.
It is always nice.

Kessie said...

You know, I saw some powdered (I guess?) Stevia at Foodmaxx, and it was about five bucks. I knew what it was because it's so hot on all the blogs right now. I just can't justify the expense. (Imagine making brownies with a whole cup of the stuff. That's all five bucks of it, right there.)

That peppermint mocha sounds wonderful. I really only drink coffee in the winter, because it makes me so hot.


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