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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Posting Time

I am trying to keep up with everything.

Unfortunately, blogging falls into the "would like to do" category.

This a different category than "must do", like laundry, cooking, carpools, and frantically reupholstering furniture.

I have been keeping up with your blogs, sneaking away for a few minutes with my iPad. What did I do before that thing? I can check my email in the closet and read my favorite blogs in the garage!

What have we been up to?

We had a lovely Thanksgiving at home with family.

We went to Disneyland.The only pictures I got were of the children before we went into the park.And this picture, which is my sweet nearly-two-year-old's reaction to seeing the Big Thunder Mountain train whoosh by us for the first time. We got to eat at the fabled Club 33 for lunch! The food was amazing. It was special to be treated like royalty at Disneyland for no reason at all! My dad works for Bank of America, and after filling out some paperwork and waiting for a few months, he got our whole family in to this piece of Disneyana!This weird thing is happening to my stomach. It is growing and growing. This is one of the three official belly pictures I have from this pregnancy. The poor dear baby is quite neglected already.

I have been trying to mentally prepare for this new baby boy amidst the chaos that is the rest of our lives. I see God's hand protecting and covering and providing for me and my family in so many different ways. I was reminded this week that Christ is our appointed great High Priest who actually walked this earth. He was tempted in every way we are, yet He did not sin. And when His work was done on the cross, He said, "It is finished". That promise of provision has been one that I have been clinging to lately. He knows our weaknesses, sympathizes with them, and still loves us! Amazing. I want to prepare my mother's heart (re-prepare) in the same way.

Love to all in blogland. I miss you.

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Kessie said...

I'm still clinging to that promise of provision, myself: how God promised first to give children, then increase the flocks and herds second. I'm sure mental faculties go along with that!

You're reupholstering furniture?? Do tell! I didn't know that was one of your myriad skills!


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