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Friday, March 23, 2012

Worst Date Ever

Well, maybe not ever.

Beau and I started dating when I was 17 and he was 22. In that long span, there have been date nights that have ended with one of us on the side of the road, not able to be in the same car for one moment longer. Dates that have ended with arguing and crying. One memorable date that ended with one of us threatening to bash the windshield of the other's car in with a large baseball bat...

Whew. That was a long time ago. To God be the glory, great things He hath done!

Tonight was a strong contender, though.

I had put on real clothes and makeup, awaiting the return of my Prince Charming . Charming had been out in the sun all afternoon, participating in a charity golfing event. He is quite the athlete, but not a golfer. He did not come home happy. He did not come home on time.

I had bathed Chase and put him in his cutest pajamas, ready to hit the town. We were going out to dinner! After arriving at the restaurant, Beau looked at his phone. I looked at mine. Our sitter had called both phones 8 minutes ago, right after we had left the house. Uh-oh.

I stepped outside to make the call and she answered, breathless.


"Okay", said I. "We are on our way". I had heard three kids crying in the background. I figured she probably needed reinforcements. Had my mama's heart not heard the wails of my children, I would have called a plumber, told the sitter I would pay her extra, and gone back into the restaurant to order my long-awaited sushi.

Our first date night since the baby, dang it!

I pulled an even grumpier Charming out of the restaurant and we sped home in relative silence. He did say at one point, "I know you are thinking 'He got to have fun golfing all day'. But I suck at golf. And I don't want to be out there. So I spent five hours outside doing something I hate."

Oh, cry me a river, Charming.

We got home, did not console the children until we checked the damage, praised the sitter for her quick thinking, and got to work.

My idea was to call a plumber. This was met with a scornful glance. "Do you know what a plumber will charge you in the off hours?!".

Clearly, not the best suggestion at the time. I got towels and buckets and tried to work alongside him without getting in the way. As usual, his idea was better. We were able to get up all the water, three inches deep, from the bathroom floor. And there should be no long-term damage to the floor.

Now he is working on fixing the faucet. He has been to Home Depot once and YouTube twice. There are worse things than going without reliable water for a weekend, I guess. Like getting your windshield cracked with a baseball bat (it never actually came to that, by the way).

What was your worst date ever?


Farm Girl said...

There is nothing worse that a water leak. Maybe you can go again. Our hot water heater did that this year at Christmas, December 23 to be exact.
Worst date? It was fairly recent, we went out to dinner, I had a new outfit, we had a great night lined up, when the server, who was new, dumped a two glasses large glasses of ice water, on me. I mean the whole bunch. I was sopping wet and we had to go home.
Not even a apology from the place either.
That was it as far as I can remember. Most of the time, I just enjoy the car ride and we always have fun just being together. :)We have mini dates to get gas for the lawnmowers. :)
The more babies you have, the more mini dates you have to fit in. :)

Kessie said...

Oh wow, your first date after the baby and it was a downer! You can always go on another one. Maybe people will be less grumpy.

I can't remember ever having a bad date with my hubby. We so seldom go on dates that when we do get to go on one, we enjoy it hugely.

Kara Haushalter said...

Ha! Worst date?
Shortly after we were married, I wanted to get away and spontaneously dragged hubs to santa Monica for 2 nights...no reservations. Ok it was Memorial day weekend and I hadn't thought it all the way through. But I was thinking about having the 3-day weekend! Hubs was WAY more stingy in those days and wouldn't settle for any of the prices offered down there... finally after severeal hours of driving from hotel to hotel...I made his leave and drive home. At the top of the pass on I-5 we got a flat tire. It was windy & cold. We were both angry at each other. The only smile I got the whole time was when the only jacket available was my windbreaker. So I got to watch him change the tire in a tiny jacket in the wind. I may have smirked really big in the moment recalling the scene from Tommy Boy ("fat man in a little coat"). I had to try really hard not to laugh AT him when he got back in the car. We didn't talk until the next morning.
Still kinda makes me smirk! Ha!
Hope things get back to norm really quick. Love you girl!

Danae said...

Oh Jenny, how terrible and hilarious and how I feel your pain and I'm glad this was over a week ago and hopefully mostly behind you...! :D so sorry for it! I honestly can't even track down the worst one we've had... there's the pre-marital dates gone wrong, then there's those first-8-months-of-our-marriage-before-having-our-first-child dates that went bad...and maybe a couple after that point...? :D like i said, it's hard to narrow down! But i UNDERSTAND.
Kevin said he ran into Beau at Blockbuster, so it seemed only right this is the night I determined to find your blog and become an official follower! Love what you've been doing in here! :) missing you!!!


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