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Monday, August 27, 2012


Here is the end-of-summer picture with all of the Woodward cousins.

Last summer, there were 9.

This summer, there are 11. No one is pregnant right now, but there are no promises that 11 is the final count.  (Staci....)

The list:

Roman (2)
Dax (2)
William (4)
Rebecca (5)
Chase (6 mos)
Hudson (5)
Mattie (5)
Jackson (6)
Thomas (7)
Reese (7)

That is a 7-year Woodward explosion.  


Danae said...

Totally stinkin' adorable. :D

Kessie said...

Look at all those munchkins! What a blessed family. :-)

Farm Girl said...

Very cute and a very great looking bunch.


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