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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Well, we lasted two weeks.

Here's what happened:

My kids were sitting outside, chatting with some friends. The friends asked if my kids would like a breakfast burrito.  My kids said, nope. We're allergic.

The four older children then proceeded to launch into a mini-discussion about everything they couldn't eat...cow's milk..cheese...eggs...tomatoes...hamburgers....

I was shrinking into the grass under the withering stare of my husband.  I could almost hear the disdain in his glare.

Later that afternoon, we had a very informational, helpful discussion about what is right and balanced and what is weird and obsessive-compulsive.

Here is the rundown: Roman gets hives from milk.  Roman will not be eating milk products.  The other kids will be eating like normal kids.  For the most part.  (Normal healthy kids?) Mommy stands corrected, a little humbled, and thankful for her husband who can see a little more clearly.

Beans 6x a day is not really normal.  Right?

Just thought you should know.


Farm Girl said...

Praise God for husbands!! They really do help us along the way. :)

Kessie said...

Good thing for husbands to keep your head on straight. Kids like labels, so you have to be careful of them. An no, beans 6x a day is not normal, or even interesting!

Jennifer said...


Kara Haushalter said...

Bean 6 times a day also leads to a stinky house! ;)
You are a good mommy for trying and being concerned. Just remember, even on your worst/ unhealthy food day, you are still probably healthier than some. I understand your concern and find myself sneaking in healthier things and being more and more concerned with some foods we eat. I think we are slowly eliminating some of the same things.

Brandy @ Afterthoughts said...

You crack me up, Jen!

That is what I hate about special diets: that it gives our children a tenuous relationship with food.



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