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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Paint!

I painted Jackson's room on Friday. He had a fever and wanted to watch Toy Story 2. It was on for about 15 minutes before he fell asleep, sweet thing. Rebecca went down for an early nap and I got to paint all by myself. We had some leftover paint from last year, so I used the old stuff. It worked out so that I had just enough! I got to paint his headboard and picture frame blue as well. It feels like the room is a little more "together".

It's funny what I think will satisfy me. Every time I make my material world a little prettier or easier, I feel like I can rest for a bit. But I forget that the longing inside me is not for a new coat of paint or a new pair of shoes or perfectly well-behaved children. I can't rest because I am not made to truly rest here. I am always to be a little uncomfortable, however that manifests itself in my life. My home is not in this world, it is not of this world. There will always be a longing inside me for the true rest of Heaven. God created me that way. I have been reading a book that compared and contrasted Freud and C.S. Lewis (I was a psych major in college). Freud was perpetually emotionally empty. He was devoid of hope because he thought his world was devoid of the living God. C.S. Lewis began his life the same way, but after his conversion, he was a man filled with hope and peace and forward-thinking desires for eternity with his Savior. What a blessed reminder of how the things of this world are temporary and not able to truly satisfy me. Though the Lord does give us "moments of ecstasy"- a Lewis snippet- which I experience continually through my beloved husband and children, I must remember the purpose of this life- to glorify my King and enjoy Him here and forever.

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