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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Quiet Time

I am most diligent about reading to the kids right before nap time. Rebecca won't really sit still for a whole book yet, but Jackson will listen for as long as I will read. These are some of their favorites at this age (Jackson is 29 months and Rebecca is 14 months.

So I remember when I am old, I wanted to note some things the kids are doing right now. Jackson loves to tear every pillow off of the couches and make a fort. He says, "Daddy, I want to bury you in the pillows"

He likes to help in the yard. He will follow me to collect all of the dead roses I prune. He will help me weed in the garden. I give him a spray bottle full of water and he "helps" me clean.

He loves to watch movies by himself before bed. He takes his popcorn and sits at the computer and watches some of his favorites, which are currently Toy Story 1 and 2, The Aristocats, Jungle Book, Meet the Robinsons, and Finding Nemo.

Rebecca wants to be held most of the time. She is cutting a few more teeth. She loves to brush her teeth, as long as one of us is doing it first. She loves to eat bananas and grapes and pretzels. She likes pasta and bread.

They both love to go out for walks in the stroller. They really like to play together in the back yard with the hose or play dough. They climb the play structure and eat dirt. They push this and pull that. I enjoy sitting out there and watching them! I want to remember this time vividly. For every moment I want to scream in frustration, I know there will be a moment later in my life where I will longingly ache for these sweet days of being with my babies.

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