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Thursday, March 31, 2011


My teeny, tiny baby is 5.

He was so small when he was born. I did not make enough milk and I couldn't figure out why my new baby cried all the time. After two weeks, we saw the lactation consultant and realized I was starving my baby. Thus began my love/hate relationship with the SNS.

Anyhow, you would never know that this kid was once skinny and underweight. He is, as they say, corn fed. He is a big five-year-old.

And that big five-year-old requested a Buzz Lightyear cake for his birthday. Since we all know how fabulous I am at making and decorating cakes, I am sure no one is surprised at this year's attempt. Actually, I was pointed to fondant by a dear friend, and I must say- fondant is a mediocre baker/decorator's best friend. Just color, roll, and cut.

"Like Playdoh", says Becca.

"Aye", says I.
Jackson has been talking about carnivals since November. It is not carnival weather in November. Unfortunately for the persistent child and his weary mother, it is not carnival weather in December. Nor January. Nor February.

But, hallelujah! March brings carnival weather. So we thought. Luckily for us, the stomach flu raged through our home on the morning of his intended birthday carnival. So we had to cancel. It poured rain that afternoon. Nice timing!

The next weekend, it was supposed to rain on Saturday but didn't. And the carnival was lovely. He enjoyed it, and that is all that mattered on that particular day. His daddy and I conjured up some low-budget games like magnet fishing, throwing baseballs to knock down our kitchen cups, popping balloons, and a Tootsie Roll Toss.
I hear you asking: "Is he always like that?" And the answer would be, "Well, kind of." Not that scary. But definitely silly. And moody. Having a few comfortable friends around coaxed our little introvert out of his shell for a few hours. Buzz Lightyear helps. Presents help. Silly, scary glasses help.

I love you, son. Happy 5th birthday.


Kessie said...

Aww, at least he finally got to have a birthday! Are the blue and green circles on the cake the fondant? I don't care for the taste of it, but used decoratively it would be okay.

You asked how much longer til my next munchkin makes an appearance: my due date is April 12th. We'll see how close I actually get!

Swimwife said...

Sister! It was such a fun party! And I love that big, fun five year old! I couldn't ask fir a more wonderful 5 yr old nephew! He loves his cousins and is such a joy to be around! Love you Jackson!

Ashly said...

Looks like is was a fun day! Sorry we missed it!


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