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Friday, October 7, 2011

Two Boys

One of these boys is not even born yet.  But here is his first picture.  Well, his first picture in which you can tell he is a human.

To God's glory, he looks healthy.  It is always nerve-wracking to go into the 20-week ultrasound.  I am aware of the fact that God holds all of the control and I have none, and still I get anxious to see if that new baby is going to be healthy or not.

He is not named.  If things are similar to the way they usually are, he will not be named until after we hold him for the first time.  19 weeks away!

Here is the other boy.  This is his first school picture.  Kindergarten, August 2011 at Stockdale Christian School.  My goodness.  The photographer got him to smile.  He looks so big.  And handsome.  He is progressing in reading faster than I have been able to do and he is slowly making new little friends.  It is a strange and familiar and big and small new world, but we are all hesitantly enjoying it.  Today was Inflatable Day, and the little ones and I got to go meet him at school to watch him play in his hard-earned bounce house.  He saw me and lit up, then ran away to join his classmates.  Ah, heartbreak.  Is this what growing up is like? At the end of the hour, he did hug me with tear-filled eyes, not wanting us to leave.  Definitely growing up.  Do I want to be independent? Do I want the familiarity of family? Luckily, these choices are small right now, but they are choices I know that I eventually need him to reconcile all by himself. 

My heart swells to be a mother.  I am assured all the more as the years pass by that this is the highest calling for a woman.  I can't imagine anything better, more fulfilling, more stretching.  I am grateful for the gift of one more little one to pass the slow days with.  God is so good.


Meg said...

Oh, girl. You hit the nail on the head. There really is no higher calling.

Both of your boys look very handsome. ;)

Kessie said...

Another boy! Congrats! I'm glad he's healthy. I'm glad your eldest is doing well in school. I was looking at pictures of my wedding shower, and he was so little then! (Or was it my baby shower? I forget.)

Farm Girl said...

You are such a very blessed Mommy.

myletterstoemily said...

your first grader is darling, can't tell yet
about the baby. :)
it is so bittersweet to see them become
a little independent. our nature wants
them to want us forever, but not really
if we're honest.

we want them to grow in their love for
the Lord and become men after His

don't worry they will love you even more


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